Do You Understand Front-Wheel Drive and Rear-Wheel Drive?

We love helping Laplace drivers learn more about cars. Today, we want to briefly compare front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drivetrains.

Front-wheel drive powers cars that are built for comfortable, reliable transportation. FWD applies force to a car's front wheels, and its configuration focuses most of the car's weight over those wheels. That setup gives FWD cars dependable traction on wet days. In fact, a front-wheel drive car with traction control and winter tires travels excellently through the snow.

By comparison, rear-wheel drive powers cars that are built to make your heart race. This technology applies the engine's horsepower to the rear wheels and evenly distributes the car's weight throughout its frames. That setup gives RWD cars steady handling through turns, especially on dry pavement. As cars age and parts wear, RWD transmissions also typically cost less to repair.

If you have more questions about FWD and RWD, contact us at Riverland Chrysler Dodge Jeep now to book a test drive!
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